Lesson Plan: Monday, June 5th

Name of Lesson: Taking action in the Garden

Goals[edit | edit source]

  • To introduce the students about creating a Garden.
  • To weed the garden with the students.
  • To find out what kinds of plants the students want to plant in the Garden

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • The students will learn techniques about weeding in a garden.
  • They will understand which plants need to be weeded and which plants will stay.
  • The will feel like they have a say in what grows in the Garden

Materials[edit | edit source]

Tools for gardening such as shovels and gloves, paper, and a pen or pencil

Teacher Set[edit | edit source]

Hoy vamos a hablar sobre que vamos a plantar en el jardín. ¿Que tipos de frutas y verduras les gustan comer? (What kind of fruits and vegetables do you like to eat?) Tenemos que escoger las frutas y veduras que les gustaría plantar para que podemos comprar las semillas y empezar a sembrar pronto.

Activity[edit | edit source]

Go around in a circle and have each student say at least one plant they would like to plant in the garden. Write all responses down so that you can use it as a reference when buying the seeds. Keep in mind that the responses may vary for your students and you may have to explain why a certain thing will not be able to grow in the garden.

After the students have explained what kinds of plants they would like to grow in the garden, ask them a few questions about why they think having a garden is important. Let the students talk at will and encourage them to respond. You can also ask them what they think a plant needs in order to grow. Again, encourage them to respond. This will be a preview to the next lesson in which they will write these responses down.

After the students have explained what they would like to plant in the garden, why they think a garden is important, explain about the state of the garden. In our case the garden was coved with weeds which need to be taken out and the soil needed to be turned of double dug. Show all the students what a weed is and the proper way to dig it out (by pulling out the plant by their roots.) You will want to monitor the students as they weed to make sure they are using proper technique and being safe and courteous.

Assessment[edit | edit source]

As the students are weeding you can see if they have picked up the technique. The assessment about the importance of plants and what they need to survive will come in the next lesson.

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