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This page was based on a page by group 3V and redesigned for use in group 5_4

Coursework[edit | edit source]

This page is created as a part of a project about sheltering at the Eindhoven University of Technology.
This online documentation about the central coursework Eindhoven_Shelter_2009 is build on a framework by Vinay Gupta (central page Eindhoven_Shelter_2009) --Rob Valk 14:29, 18 October 2009 (UTC)

Exercise[edit | edit source]

Main goal of this exercise was to learn us more about the current development in the shelter industry. <more description soon>

Restrictions[edit | edit source]

Given materials

  • 100 tie wraps
  • 2x PVC tube (4000 (l))
  • 2x wood beam (3000 x 50 x 50 (l x w x h))
  • 3x waistwood shelves (later on extended to 'as much as available')
  • Plastic sheet (6000 x 4000 (l x b))
  • 10 garbage bags
  • Rope (6m)

Given Equipment

<this part is under construction>

Allowed Equipment

All tools from home may be taken to the building site, as long as these do not at material to the design.

Individual results[edit | edit source]

Kasper Doppen

Mirjam de Geus

Rob Maas

Dyon Tomoda

Rob Valk

<this part is under construction>

Jasper Verheul

Group results
[edit | edit source]

<this part is under construction>

Day 1 (Monday 12 October 2009)[edit | edit source]

This first day every individual had to create his or her own design. These designs were sorted by style and by used construction-techniques, this way groups were formed to work in the second and third day. --Rob Valk 14:16, 18 October 2009 (UTC)

Day 2 (Tuesday 13 October 2009)[edit | edit source]

Tuesday we, as a group, had to think about how the make the best design out of the six design we had already standing in front of us. <more description soon> --Rob Valk 14:16, 18 October 2009 (UTC)

Day 3 (Wednesday 14 October 2009)[edit | edit source]

The whole Wednesday we were expected to work hard on constructing our design in real-life full scale. <more description soon> --Rob Valk 14:16, 18 October 2009 (UTC)