Ecopoint™ is a social Internet business aiming to maximising the growth potential of environmental and sustainability SMEs in Asia through collaboration and community building. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the group has a regional reach into China, Singapore and India.

Mission[edit | edit source]

To create an engaged and easily accessible community of companies and professionals in the eco sector across Asia which enables business to grow. From practitioners for practitioners, from Asia for Asia.

Vision[edit | edit source]

To be the leading B2B collaboration platform for the sustainability industry in Asia.

History[edit | edit source]

Ecopoint was launched in February 2010 out of frustration that there was no interactive platform from practitioners for practitioners in Asia's sustainability space.

Based on a business directory initially, with strong community support, Ecopoint quickly grew to a watering hole for the eco B2B community. Current support services to the professional community include a features area where individuals and companies can share their successes and learning, a directory for Asian eco businesses, a very active jobs board, an events calendar for the Asia region and a clean tech investment matching platform all of which is combined under a social networking umbrella called My Ecopoint™.

After a public beta testing of several months and a subsequent team building, Ecopoint is fully operational as of January 2012.

Work[edit | edit source]

Ecopoint currently has a reach to a social media network of over 10,000 connections to share community generated content, jobs, events and any other relevant updates. The business directory enables small to medium size businesses in Asia within the eco-industry to raise their profile and to become visible to a wider audience of potential clients and potential partners.

From the web site:

"Since assessing what is missing to enable Asia's environmental B2B to do better business and launching the Ecopoint™ web site, we have worked continuously at fulfilling our above mission and vision. We are therefore very excited to announce a new and exclusive social networking side to Ecopoint™. With My Ecopoint™, you can now create your own professional eco-identity and you have direct access to the full range of services and functionalities on Ecopoint™. My Ecopoint™ will help you find and identify the professionals and businesses that you have always been looking for but could never find as there was no single specialist platform for all of you. And in order to enable you to have high quality exchanges and communications, you can now create open and also private groups without being unsure as to who is actually in the groups or on the platform as we are all like-minded environmental professionals and businesses."

Results[edit | edit source]

Within a week of launch, Ecopoint had over 300 Followers on Twitter which grew to over 3,200 since (status Jan 2012) and the traffic to the site grew from a standing start to thousands of unique visits per month with an average time on Ecopoint of over 5 minutes proofing the relevance of such a platform. The jobs board grew to hundreds of jobs within a matter of weeks with the most popular job receiving 121 applications through Ecopoint.

Find Ecopoint at[edit | edit source]

The Ecopoint team is always looking for highly connected individuals in the green space. If you are interested in expanding Ecopoint's reach further or want to get involved, feel free to contact us at

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