An experiment in cultural evolution![edit | edit source]

The mission of Ecoculture¹ Village² [Inc. pending], a 501(c)(3) [pending] nonprofit entity, is putting the rural back into community and rediscovering, rejuvenating, and reinventing small rural communities [to increase the quality of life for, and to increase public awareness of the actual and potential benefits inherent to, small rural communities].

  • ¹ The word 'ecoculture' can most easily be broken down as a noun to mean 'ecological culture', which immediately brings to mind traditional culture's, past and present, of people who lived, or who are living, at one with the ecology; but also as a verb to mean 'to culture ecologically', which not only implies the cultivating or farming of food, medicine, and utility species within an ecological framework, but also the human transmission of human lifeways from one generation to the next in an ecological framework as well. Ecoculture emphasizes ecology as the basis for all life, and is the ecoculturalist's foundation for land use design and community values interpolation. Ecoculture is our main strategy, and for the purposes of Ecoculture Village's mission statement, we define it as the demonstration, documentation, and dissemination of subsistence-level¹∙¹ self-sufficiency and ecologically sustainable¹∙² design and principles, and ethical intentional community practices.
    • ¹∙¹ Subsistence-level, being understood as logically conceivable, here refers to all necessities inherent to whole being or real existence and is intuitively supportive of healthy individual and group human evolving.
    • ¹∙² Ecologically sustainable here refers to the provision that all human activities be in the very least compatible with the healthy functioning of the natural world, and at most be somehow enhancing to it; and providing for that, that all human activities can be continued indefinitely.
  • ² Villages are the smallest full-featured rural settlements; larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town; often inherently offering religious and/or spiritual services (possibly a separate or subsidiary non-profit organization nearby or onsite) in addition to all other base necessities.

Another way I define ecoculture is: the harmonious union of the environmental dynamic (ecosystem) and the social dynamic (culture), which I believe is both the underlying determinant for and the end result of rational land use. In light of this understanding, Ecoculture Village is intended to be a research and design study facility primarily involved in both being an example of, and also shining light on examples of, living excellence.

The ultimate vision for Ecoculture Village embodies achieving, maintaining, and teaching ways toward the highest quality of life (health, happiness, and longevity) possible for anybody and everybody on Earth. We will achieve this vision by way of the implementation of cooperative living, organic polyculture (both aqua- and terra-farming), appropriate technologies, wildlife habitat buffer zones, conservation of micro-habitats and other sacred spaces, and other Earth-friendly tactics. Although our focus is interdisciplinary research, design, experimentation, and educational outreach, in striving to promote and engage multiple sources of initiative, Ecoculture Village dutifully seeks to be viably interconnected with the ever-expanding networks of like-minded individuals and organizations both local and abroad.

Ecoculture Village, a nonprofit entity in the making ~ rediscovering, rejuvenating, & reinventing small rural communities! Eco sustainable, self sufficient, ethical community!

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