Draught animal power

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The first essential is to read the article below. The problem so many communities face is that Draught Animal Power is seen by the developed world as irrelevant, or quaint and picturesque. In the UK it is a re enactment society with dedicated enthusiasts restoring antique equipment and trying to be as authentically out of date as possible. This is a gross over simplification but is horribly true.

So read the following article and note this passage

Despite its many benefits, animal power is old technology. Although its use is actually increasing in many countries, it is seldom included in educational curricula. For the past fifty years, books on farming, whether for school children or agricultural students, have focused on tractor power. The result is that most extension agents, researchers, decision-makers and teachers have never studied animal power topics in detail. With the new generation the vicious circle of neglect increases. This is compounded by international media (television, films, publications) in which animal power is seldom portrayed and perceived by younger generation as old technology. Although food security and self-reliance are important goals, urban-based planners and politicians often ignore the importance of animal power to rural people, as governments tackle the issues of modernisation, industrialisation and urbanisation.


This next video shows a system I developed, still in prototype stage, and being used on mature spinach when it is designed for hoeing seedlings, but it shows that ponies can be included in modern tractor based systems.


I have also been playing with a simple pony based logging sytem,


but most of my work is about all terrain wheelchair access.


You will notice that the two thoroughly knackered blokes trying to keep up were holding red ropes. These allow the pony to be instantly released from the vehicle and given the way Ben encourages Obama, the pony, to behave like a hooligan, this is vital.

If anyone is interested in taking this subject further, I will add a lot more detail about my work. I will probably do so anyway. Any help, gratefully appreciated. Simon Mulholland Saddlechariot