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Deltalok USA, LLC is the US distributor of the Deltalok System which is currently available in the United States, Korea, China, Singapore, UK and Canada. The Deltalok System, invented by Mr. Hun Kim in 1999, is comprised of a special geotextile bag and a patented interlocking plate that can be vegetated and used in a number of applications. This enables the construction of soft, mechanically–stabilized earth structures of any scale. It is ideal for walls and steepened slopes. Deltalok is particularly well–suited for stream bank erosion repair because, unlike hard solutions, it does not heat the water and provides nutrition and habitat for fish. Deltalok is the green alternative to concrete and stone and is used throughout the world.

Deltalok USA is a joint venture between Mr. Hun Kim and prominent US investor Kim Alfreds. The company is based in Ferndale, Washington.

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Company website [1]

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