About 10:30 PDT on March 29, 3 days early for April Fool's Day, Appropedia was hit with a DNS glitch, which redirected users to a different IP address. The site that popped up for that incorrect address looked like this:


Pseudoappropedia in dutch.jpg

Please note that nothing happened at the Appropedia site. Your beloved sustainability wiki was safe and sound, and a mirror was quickly set up (using a different domain name, so that the hiccup could be bypassed) to allow confirmation of this. In fact, this page was created via the mirror.

Like all endpoints on the Internet, Appropedia depends on various services to perform correctly in order for name resolution and connectivity to be available. Complex protocols and software work a very high percentage of the time, but when they go sideways, it can take a while to "clear out" the system of caches and buffers and time-outs. There is some consolation in the thought that even the big kids get hit by this occasionally.

Best Regards, Your Appropedia Support Crew

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