Crops are plants that are grown for consumption, for flavouring dishes, for the production of textile, for use as dye, or for medicinal or cosmetic use.

Annual crops[edit | edit source]


Annual crops are grown from seed each new year or each new growing season relevant to that crop.

The majority of vegetables are annual crops, as are many grain and grass crops.

Annual crops often require rotation to allow the soil to replenish and to prevent the spread of disease, especially if the crop is grown as a monoculture. However, with good soil care and attention to mixed planting, rotation can be reduced considerably.

Perennial crops[edit | edit source]


Some crops continue to produce food without the need for planting them each year or each new growing season. The most common examples of food suitable for humans are fruit trees and nut trees. While keeping pests and weeds away is a constant requirement to maintain the health of such crops, they don't require annual outlay for seeds and replanting. Most such food sources do need several years before they grow to sufficient maturity to produce nuts and fruits.

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