This article details the advantages and the disadvantages so that one can determine which trensmission is best for each particular task.

ie a CVT shifts quicker, does not require a clutch and has a broader range of gears. It is more complicated to design, and is much less durable as a manual transmission a manual transmission requires a clutch, shifts less quick, and has a more limited range of gears. It is however much more durable than a CVT

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--> User:Armlamp's 3D model of a manual transmission needs to be reworked, and reuploaded ( In ). Then, snapshots need to be taken to replace the earlier pictures at wikimedia commons.

--> A 3D model of an AT manual transmission has been made by Torch for Appropedia. See

--> A CVT 3D model needs to be made, ie using an already modelled (incomplete) CVT from an all terrain vehicle ( ). The model can be made using and

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