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Community Created Humboldt/Jan 23 10/Tribe

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The following are proceedings from a breakout group at the Community Created Humboldt event on January 23rd, 2010.

Tribe Proceedings[edit]

  • things that make us a tribe; society moving away from place-based; driven by technology creating global shared experiences
  • how to use creativity and culture to reinforce local community
  • people here trying to resist homogenization
  • makes for uniqueness
  • resisting corporate influence
  • duality = homogenization vs. global access to culture
  • more opportunity to be individually creative than ever
  • community celebrations ritualize our uniqueness
  • celebrate local creativity—support artists; not only professionalsbe a creator
  • Irvine study—100% of people participate in some informal form of art
  • we self-limit by choices and intimidation/tyranny of what’s my self-image
  • tolerance and respect
  • great access to people
  • how can we encourage people to cross-participate
  • flash mobs
  • positive cultural tribalism; acceptance of difference
  • a lot to overcome in accepting other cultures
  • tribes still being excluded
  • how to build bridges and open doors; maybe have workshops on sensitivity and acceptance and tolerance
  • community music model (?) advocacy journalism

Place based culture[edit]

  • promote participation in creating opportunities of access/participation/understanding
  • bumper sticker culture (?)
  • every inner child should have a hobby


  • shared experiences and values manifests though people’s creations
  • comes from other sources, past places other people; giving back producers, adapt to our own situations; artists are like shamans; giving vision substance
  • in Humco, people not “stuck” but sense of trying to hold on to ideal (like no growth vs. responsible growth)
  • respect each opinion—problem could be tyranny of minority
  • sense of being able to manifest vision
  • bubbling