That is an overview of today's communication. Today one of the most important thing of communication are social networks. Since 1980 social networks become more and more important for our society and the number of interested persons is still increasing.

It is so interesting for people, because anyone can chat or skype with any in the world. It started with simple chat rooms and now we have big blogs and and websites which enables people to share pictures, videos and more. For example in some Networks you can share places where you have been, things that you have done, photos that you have shot, videos or persons that you like, ect. People are able to share their whole lifes. That is an important reason why social networks are so dangerous. Other people can spy you out if you are not careful enough. Or they can post compromising things of you, if they wish to hurt you harm. That is why people should think about, what they share. An other disadvantage of social networks is that you can create a fake account and deceive people. That makes it a lot easier for stalker to spy you out, or for bad guy who will hurt you. Therefore the users should think about which person they trust in social networks. In addition, more and more people are moving into this virtual communication instead of meeting with others and talk.

As comfortable as social networks are, they have some really huge drawbacks.

Their are diffrent deffinitions of communications

The sharing of meanings by use of signs. A collective performance that is symbolically meaningful to the participants. Expression, interaction, and influence: how people interact causes and effects communication, and it is mediated by psychological variables that cause behaviour such as emotions, attitudes, beliefs, personality. Information processing. Participation in a common culture and society: shared patterns of action and meaning make communication possible

There are different kinds of communication. Human communication is not the only one.

One kind is human communication, it s the communication between humans. Human communicate can be verbal and non-verbal. The most of the communication is non-verbal. Non-verbal communication is for example gesture or body language. This kind of communication has no words it uses others kinds of language.

Verbal communication is communication with words like speaking. This kind of communication work together with the non verbal communication.

An other kind is the machine communication, machine to machine or human to machine.

Also animals communicate with their body.

For human to machine communication, over user interfaces have become easier in the last years. A lot of new inventions like touch screens and better speak control. It makes it easier to handle for human and it also get more complex without making it more difficult.

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