Climate Interactive is a not-for-profit organization with its base in Washington DC, USA.[1] It aims to find out ways to address climate change and related issues, and has a range of tools which help to provide data, analysis and simulations. It terms its work approaches as "multisolving", a way to find systemic solutions for protecting the climate while also enhancing health, equity and well-being.[2]

Climate Interactive has five underpinnings or "roots" that inspire their work:[1]

  • 1. Dana Meadows' vision of combining scientifically-grounded analysis with advanced learning technologies. This also includes keeping a positive vision to create a sustainable world.
  • 2. System Dynamics simulation modeling from MIT's Sloan School of Management.
  • 3. "Open architecture sharing", making the accessible simulation models available for adaptation and extension.
  • 4. Investing in contexts and settings for learning. This includes creating simulation interfaces, role-playing policy exercises and workshop approaches that generate insights from using the tools.
  • 5. Engaging in "climate, sustainability, energy, and resilience strategy at national and international levels".[1]

Climate Interactive's Tools[edit | edit source]

Climate Interactive currently has the following tools that it uses to assess and analyze climate change issues:[1]

  • C-ROADS: This is a climate policy tool, used in over 70 countries.
  • En-ROADS: This provides energy scenarios and helps create strategies.
  • Climate Pathways: This is a mobile app. It provides quick climate insights.
  • Climate Scoreboard: This is an online widget that can be used to see how well climate policies get the countries to their goals.

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