Building on the work of compost connoisseur Karl Hammer and permaculture educator Geoff Lawton, we’ll be testing whether a small farm can run a profitable egg enterprise by feeding chickens on local food wastes, producing compost as a by-product. Details of the system are published on the project page on the OSE Wiki.

Chickens can be fed on worms, bugs, food waste and forage alone. This can eliminate the need for grain purchases entirely. Please have a look at the approach that Karl Hammer of Vermont Compost has taken.

Note: This page was largely transwikified from two OSE Wiki pages: Compost Chicken System and Compost Chicken on Steroids with Geoff Lawton where you can find more information.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Geoff Lawton: "Chicken Tractor on Steroids":

Interview with Karl Hammer:

Video from Vermont Compost:

More information: grain-free eggs[edit | edit source]

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