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Climate Change Technology Park: Empowering Communities through Technology and Knowledge Transfer to Reduce Climate Change Vulnerabilities

ChangeMaker aims to develop an appropriate technology park demonstrating appropriate technological solutions to cope with the environmental degradation and climate change conditions. The project through demonstration of technologies and creating linkage with solution providers would create awareness, educate and build capacity to understand and embrace the environmental friendly technological solutions to cope with the climate change conditions. Technologies like simple water harvesting during drought, water filter for safe drinking water, fuel efficient cooker to save trees, back yard composting, using renewable energy – solar, wind, etc., promotion of soilless floating agriculture (hydroponics) in the inundated area for food security, promotion of floating house in the flood prone area, etc. It is critical that people have knowledge and access to these important technologies.

The Technology Park will present a platform and will act as a local hub in addressing climate change vulnerabilities of the area. Creating awareness, creating access and availability through developing and strengthening supply chain and integrating research organizations, government departments, private sector enterprises and other actors and stakeholders will be the primary mandate of the project. "Seeing is believing" is the critical philosophy of the rural people. By demonstrating the technologies in the park, the group of rural people would be able to see, feel and understand how it can improve their day-to-day livelihood.

Contact[edit | edit source]

Syed Tamjid ur Rahman
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
ChangeMaker - Society for Social and Economic Development
House 8, Road 13, Suite F-3, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh
Phone: +(880-2) 815 9970, 912 6784, Fax: +(880-2) 8110254
Email: tamjid@changemaker-bd.org, HomePage: www.changemaker-bd.org
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