The garden is not a litter box[edit | edit source]

Where I live, in McKinleyville, there are a lot of feral cats that poop everywhere. My garden was no exception. I was told by a neighbor about the dangers of the parasites that can be present in cat poop.[verification needed]

Keeping cats out[edit | edit source]

I built a fence to keep them out. It worked, but I didn't like the lack of accessibility it left me.

I was told of a technique used in Italy to keep cats off lawns that involves placing glass bottles filled with water placed around the perimeter. I tried this and it has been working for the last 4 months; I've only found one cat poop. There is a lot of poop on the lawn and in other patches of dirt, but not in the protected area.

I think that using glass bottles is a much more aesthetically pleasing way to repel cats than a fence.

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