Mech425.jpg This is a page for CMAS801, the core Queen's University course for the Masters in Applied Sustainability.

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CMAS 801 Sustainable Water Project[edit | edit source]

This project consists of two parts.

  • In the first part (worth 10%), and based on the video series a Journey in the History of Water (parts 1 [‘The Struggle’] and 4 [‘The Conflicts’]), the students will select one question for each part from a prepared list for written discussion (no more than 10 pages) of the issues and sustainable solutions to these issues of global water management.
  • In the second part (worth 15%), each student or team of students (TBD) will prepare a preliminary design of a low impact development (LID) system or process for innovative management of stormwater discharges on the Queen’s campus. The design will identify the location, the type of LID, information needed for the design, preliminary layout of the designed system and a discussion of the benefits of such a system for Queen’s University and the City of Kingston. Presentation of the design will be in the form of a summary written report (a brief oral presentation may also be required – TBD).

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