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CMAS801 Sustainable Energy Project

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Mech425.jpg This is a page for CMAS801, the core Queen's University course for the Masters in Applied Sustainability.

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The CMAS Energy Project has Two Parts[edit | edit source]

Part 1: Create a Portal of a Sustainable Energy Technology[edit | edit source]

In Appropedia please complete a “portal” on a sustainable energy technology of your choice. This should be a one stop page to allow readers to dig in deep into your  tech.

For an example see:

First define the technology, discuss recent developments, growth rate, types, etc. – with references footnoted [1] as an abstract. Draw on the topics discussed in class to enrich this definition – hyperlink concepts like industrial symbiosis. Then include the following in a well organized and aesthetically pleasing fashion:

  1. sub-Category Tree
  2. A highlighted page – with short description and image or video
  3. Include a list of Sample Pages with solid content within Appropedia
  4. Include a list of External Links to organizations that support your chosen technology – and a short description
  5. Include a section for the top books to learn about the tech (at least 5 with external links)
  6. Include a section for funding opportunities/grants/tax breaks, etc. (at least 5 external)
  7. Include a section for job opportunities (at least 5 external – e.g. sites for finding employment in the field)
  8. Include a section for journals (at least 5 or the top ones by impact factor) – with links
  9. A section on education for your chosen technology (links to pages with appropedia), Link to listing of programs around the country/world
  10. A section for off site videos – think TED talks, how tos, etc.
  11. A section of useful tools or software e.g. Open_source_engineering_software Photovoltaic_software
  12. Include a section for work which needs done – and include a {{get involved}} tag – this can be stubs, cite info that should be ported into Appropedia, information you have identified as missing or that is weak (if you see any obvious errors just correct them in the pages as you look through the information)

Part 2: Complete a Missing Page[edit | edit source]

Then for part 2. choose one of the missing components of information specifically related to technical elements and create a page with it – complete it and heavily reference and hyper link it. This might be for example a review of life cycle analysis studies for your technology, a do it yourself manual, a deployment rule of thumb white paper, or an ECM-like calculator. Tag this page with {{Courseinprogress}} and [[Category:CMAS801]]

Finally for both of your pages ensure they are in the correct categories by putting in the appropriate category tags.

  1. footnotes look like this – and you add {{Reflist}} to get the list of refs at the bottom of the page

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