Mech425.jpg This is a page for CMAS801, the core Queen's University course for the Masters in Applied Sustainability.

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CMAS 801 Energy Policy Project[edit | edit source]

In the third week of the Energy Policy module, students will be asked to form two groups of 3-4. Each group will be asked to synthesize a policy or strategy which addresses the future of Canada's energy supply. Seven topics of relevance to energy policy should be considered: (1) natural resource extraction, (2) water use, (3) greenhouse gas emissions, (4) electricity generation, (5) liquid fuel production, (6) transmission and distribution, and (7) governance. Issues that should be covered in the presentation are (1) a summary of the topic, (2) its importance within Canada’s energy sector, and (3) the key policy issues that need to be addressed to increase sustainability within that area. Teams will present their strategies (15 minutes or so) and will assess each other’s work based on collaboration, innovation, content, and style (25%).

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