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If you're wondering how to build a chicken coop, then you are definitely not alone. Chicken coops are becoming more and more popular. Using these quick and easy design elements and adding them to your overall chicken coop plan, you will build a chicken coop that is both pleasing to the eye, and safe for your chickens.

Tip #1 - Build a Safe Chicken Coop

You not only need to protect your chickens from hungry predators, but they must be able to survive the natural elements, such as rain, snow, and summer heat. The location of your chicken coop is of upmost importance when considering the safety of your chickens. Primarily, you should build the chicken coop in a high and well drained area, so if and when it does rain, the coop will dry quickly. It is also important to have your chicken coop face the sun, so that the coop can dry properly in wet seasons.

When hot weather hits, proper ventilation is key. Installing sliding windows and doors that can be opened and closed as needed will provide the chickens proper ventilation in hot weather.

In order to protect your coop and chickens from predators, you should bury your outside runs with chicken wire surrounding the coop at a depth of about 1 foot. This will deter all but the largest predators from reaching your chickens.

Tip #2 - Build an Easy Maintenance Coop

Diseases and sickness can spell disaster to coop bound chickens. Cleaning your chicken coop should be as easy as possible so that you can do it quick and often. There are a few design techniques that will ensure cleaning your chicken will be easy. Install doors that open inward and not outward. Another design element that makes it much easier to clean your chicken coop is to design the floor at a low angled slope towards the main door. When hosing down the inside of the coop with water and disinfectants, the water will drain outside the coop automatically, instead of puddling in the middle - which can be a major hassle.

Tip #3 - Keeping Your Coop Warm and Bright

A properly built chicken coop is not only well ventilated, but warm in the cold winter months. There are a few simple tips to follow in order to keep your chickens warm at night or in the cold seasons. The first tip is to properly insulate the walls of the structure. This will not only keep your chickens dry in wet seasons, it will help to hold in the heat in the cold. You should also face the chicken coop so that the windows let in light from the sun. This is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your chickens warm in the cold months.

Another tip is to install a proper electrical lightning system. These are relatively inexpensive and cheap to maintain. Installing light will not only let you see the chickens if you need to at night, it can serve as a wonderful heat source.

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