is the scientific study of plants. It is also known as plant biology and is a branch of biology.

Botany includes studying the origin, structure and internal processes of plants. It includes studying plant diversity and the interrelationships of plants with other species and organisms. The interaction of plants with the non-physical environment is also examined.

A botanist can specialise in such areas as plant biochemistry, plant molecular biology, plant cell biology, paleobotany, climate change and plants, plant taxonomy, plant genetics, plant ecology, plant physiology, plant anatomy, and so forth. In addition, a botanist may specialise in particular types of plants and become an expert on specific plant types, such as food crops (agronomy, horticulture), forestry, and so forth.

Marcel Blondeau

serious amateur botanist, author of Atlas des plantes des villages Nunavik and co-author of Plantes des villages et des parcs du Nunavik. His research work, his field observations, his participation in numerous publications span 30 years.

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