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SAILBOAT - Recreational, educational, commercial and social use -

Roots of Change - The Sailing Initiative ROC is a grass-root initiative supporting a low-impact and money-less economy as a contribution towards a more social global community. With our boat, the "Nomad", we bring together people who advocate through their way of living positive change: low-impact advocates, homeschoolers, environmental citizen-scientists and peaceful activists alike.

The Radical Sailors Network The "Radical Sailors Network" is a tool to co-ordinate and promote grassroots activism afloat.

The Sailboat Project The "Sail Boat Project" is a workers co-operative, registered as a Community Interest Company, based in Brighton (UK). We offer sail training.

Greenheart Project A self-funding enterprise that uses environmentally clean and sustainable sail and solar power to provide free delivery of development aid and relief supplies to needy countries around the world. Promote fair trade, renewable energy and international cooperation. Develop a tool to help impoverished coastal communities improve their standards of living, while preserving their traditions and protecting the environment.

Sailing for Sustainability Sailing for Sustainability is an action research experiment. It is exploring the role that sailing and sailing boats can play in the sustainable village of the future.

Fairtransport Shipping and Trading Emission free shipping" - "Fair Transport Class A"-Trademark

B9 Energy Group - "Developing renewable energy projects" B9 Shipping is accelerating, through collaboration, the development of 100% renewably powered commercially and technically viable sailing hybrid cargo ships. They are commercially viable today and future proofed for a 30 year lifespan. [1]

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