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Support Earthquake Victims in Southern Philippines
Successive earthquakes have destroyed homes, properties and livelihoods across the Southern Philippines. At the moment most of the support by the government and humanitarian agencies is focused on providing temporary shelter, food, water and medical assistance for the injured. As per our experience in other disasters, the need to build or repair latrines is not given priority and the absence of latrines may cause a second wave of disaster which is sickness caused by open defecation.
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Vegetable farming for poor women of 10 rural areas
Majority of the women living in the rural areas of Faisalabad,Punjab(Pakistan) are disadvantaged because they are neither educated nor skilled. Their major profession is farming and livestock rearing.They work with their husbands/brother/fathers 6-8 hours a day and earn very less wages than men from the farms and no money in case of livestock rearing.Due to low income and poor social status, women are subjected to domestic violence, early age marriages, sexual harassment’s yearly.
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