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Bird feeders are objects purchased or made that are used to feed the local bird life. They can be hung, placed on a pole, attached to a structure or placed on a stand of some sort.

Bird feeders can be used to provide birds with seeds, fruits, nuts and other suitable foods. Depending on where you live, the food provided needs to reflect the local population of birds.

Bird feeders need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the transmission of diseases between birds.

Types of bird feeders[edit | edit source]

  • Tube feeders: This is a cylindrical feeder that is hollow inside to allow for filling with seed and keeping the seed dry; holes on the sides allow for the insertion of perches for the birds to sit on and feed from. By keeping the perches small, you can discourage large birds from feeding.
  • Platform feeders or tray feeders: This is a contraption that consists of a tray-like platform sitting horizontally on a stand, stump or other solid item. If this type of feeder is placed low to the ground and quite open, it can be easily raided by predators such as rats, cats and bossier large birds. Hanging tray feeders are another option.
  • Fruit feeders:
  • Nectar feeders: These are usually hung somewhere and may be coloured to attract nectar-feeding birds.
  • Hopper feeders: This type of feeder resembles a bird house and has plentiful space for both seed and for birds to stand on.

Making a bird feeder[edit | edit source]

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