This page describes all calculation and assumptions in calculating Kauffman art center retrofit the top roof

Method[edit | edit source]

Kauffman art center top view
Fig 1: The Muriel Kauffman Center for performing arts, Kansas City. Red hachured area indicates Sought face of the roof. (Google Earth)[1]

To measure hatched area in Fig. 1 Google Earth distance measurement has been used.

  • All measurements repeated three times and averaged to minimize the error.
  • Google Earth distance measurement tool does all measurement as level plane. This measurement is not accurate for inclined planes like roof.
  • to minimize the error angle of the roof was measured and considered in calculations (Fig. 2).
  • Top right and left red hatched area in Fig. 1 considered as triangles
  • Bottom right and left red hatched area in Fig.1 each estimated to a half circle

Area calculation of top right and left triangles red hatched in Fig. 1[edit | edit source]

  1. top left:
    • base= 63 m
    • leveled length (Google Earth)= 31 m
    • inclined length (considering 45 degree angled) = 43.84 m
    • Top left area= (63 m)*(43.84 m)/2 = 1381 m^2
  1. top right
    • base= 45.2 m
    • leveled length (Google Earth)= 27 m
    • inclined length (45 degrees) = 38.18 m
    • Top right area= (45.2 m)*(38.18 m)/2= 863 m^2

Area calculation of bottom right and left half circles red hatched in Fig. 1[edit | edit source]

  1. bottom left
    • diameter=30 m
    • half circle area= (pi*15^2)/2=350 m^2
  1. bottom right
    • diameter=39 m
    • half circle area= (pi*19.5^2)/2=597 m^2

Total red hatched area in Fig.1[edit | edit source]

Total area= 1381 + 863 + 350 + 597 = 3191 (m^2)

Kauffman art center side view
Fig. 2 Cross section of Muriel Kauffman Theater ([2])

References[edit | edit source]

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  1. Google earth V 7. 1. 1. 1580 (beta) (April 27, 2018). Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Kansas City, MO. 39°05’39.02” N, 94°35’15.79” W, Eye alt 4184 feet. [03/07/2019]
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