You can make barbed wire by hand, or by foot, with a machine made especially for this purpose by New Dawn Engineering,

They also sell machines for:

diamond stucco mesh, chicken wire jig, Stock fence, Square mesh jig, Coat hanger jig, diamond mesh maker, net wire board,

They also make and share designs and machines for:

Fuel efficient stoves, Brick roof tiles cement, Paper Briquette, Solar Power, Trailers, Water pumps, Cast aluminum, Oil Presses, Rock and Glass Crushers, Wax

I have used their barbed wire machines and they are extremely well built. I had to modify the pedal operated one in order to allow for handicapped people to operate it with their hands.

The only draw back is that you must have two different sizes of wire, a larger size (like 1.8) for the line wires, and a smaller size for the barbs. Otherwise, the line wires will twist, rather than the barbs around the line wires.

Our guys can make up to 500 meters a day, though 400 is probably healthier for one team of two.

Our biggest challenge is that we must now compete against Chinese barbed wire, which is much cheaper than the European brands. But if the producer sells directly to the farmer, then they can still make a profit, and usually undercut the retailers.

Fig 1: Modified for hand operation
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