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The plastic bag technique for raising seedlings is a simple and effective technique suitable for lazy gardening (aka efficient gardening). It reduces your work of watering, and increases the servival rate of the seedlings

  1. Plant your seeds in the pot or seed tray.
  2. Water and place it in a plastic bag (or at least cover the mouth of the pot). A colored plastic bag is acceptable, but should will allow some light through.
  3. Ensure there is a gap to allow air to circulate - or a number of holes in the plastic.
  4. If the weather is cold (e.g. planting early to get a jump start on the season) place in a sunny and/or mild/warm position.
  5. If the weather is hot, the bag will reduce loss of moisture. Keep out of the sun to avoid cooking the seeds/seedlings.

By doing this directly in the pot where the plant is to grow, you can avoid transplanting seedlings - which makes the process simpler, easier and more reliable.

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