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Hello all, things slowed down around BRIDGE for awhile while we got through the midterm crunch, but things are heating up in preparation for January. Gas is cheep so plane tickets are too, so don't think you can't still join.

IHCenter[edit | edit source]

We are now an official project of the International Humanities Center (IHC), a 501[c](3) nonprofit, which means that all donations to BRIDGE Nicaragua are now tax deductible. This includes material items like laptops:

Laptop Drive[edit | edit source]

It is looking like we won't raise enough cash to build the library that we were hoping for, but that's just fine, we will be explaining the change to those who have already donated and sending them a check which we hope they won't cash.

In the mean time, we are exploring what else we can do with the money we have raised, and launching the laptop drive. Meet us this Monday, November 17 at 7am and again at 9am in Science 152 (the student societies office). We will spend an hour or two running all over campus and writing on black boards that people should make a tax deductible laptop donation to BRIDGE Nicaragua. People will drop off their laptops at the engineering stock room on the bottom floor of the Science Building. We will fix them (Ubuntu!) over thanksgiving break, and then ship them down to Nicaragua as checked baggage. Then we will donate them to the schools of Morrito so that the students can learn to type and other basic computer tasks.

Christmas Cards[edit | edit source]

We will be producing Christmas cards for fund raising purposes. If you want a stack of cards to distribute to your friends and family, just ask for them.

Callathon/road trip[edit | edit source]

The callathon/road trip are a go. Saturday and Sunday the 22nd and 23rd, we will be in Science 143 calling people up and asking them if they are interested in donating to our cause. Then on Monday we are hitting the road for a road trip until Wednesday. If you are interested in being a part of this, please respond.

Unsubscribe[edit | edit source]

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