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Ayushlaya is India’s first affordable health services network using Intelligent Healthcare. Ayushlaya (आयुष्लय) was founded to address the unique medical needs of underprivileged communities through a sustainable and innovative business model. They  develop affordable, new and important medical solutions for underprivileged communities. Ayushlaya philosophy is to implement health care solutions that integrate current innovative health care technologies with indigenous health systems to deliver affordable health products and services to communities.

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According to a recent CII-McKinsey & Co report,Health care in India is burgeoning at USD 18.7 billion and projected to USD 45 Billion by 2012 with majority of corporate hospitals based in Metropolitan cities and focused on International Medical Tourism.Areas in Rural- Urban fringe are left untouched,even though consumers,are ready to pay.Ayushlaya vision is to provide quality health care accessible and affordable to all round the clock to the masses.

Intelligent Health Care[edit | edit source]

Intelligent Healthcare is adoption of healthy lifestyle strategies,to not only prevent diseases but also manage them.It does not mean you have to be self-deprived of all good things in life.But,it is self-motivation for incorporating healthy habits so that you could live a healthy life longer with your family. Healthcare can be made affordable and on Human Scale by using tools which utilize Intelligent Technology.

Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Using technologies to develop low cost,yet high impact strategies to deliver health care and educate populations to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Helping to develop new delivery systems on the back of established local practices,to help low income and uninsured people.
  • Facilitation of Technological platforms which enable the masses to connect with functional health specialists at distance,and supporting operational logistics of health care delivery to underprivileged.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

1. To ensure availability of comprehensive quality health care accessible to all without any discrimination or bias.
2. To provide the services round the clock 24/7
3. To enable access to the services to the community at an affordable price.
4. To provide value for money to the consumers of health care.

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Ayushlaya Health Care

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