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Asia Environmental Daily is a Hong Kong based English-language online newspaper covering environmental issues and the environmental services industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Asia Environmental Daily was founded on 25 September 2007 and is published by Environmental Holdings Group (Asia ENV Group).

Asia Environmental Daily averages 1.2 million readers per day. In 2012, Asia Media Watch described The Asia Environmental Daily as "Asia’s most read English language daily news source covering environmental issues and environmental services across the entire continent".

Asia Environmental Daily is considered a primary source for news on environmental issues and environmental services in the Asia-Pacific region. While the paper does report on business, politics, and other newsworthy non-environmental events, the papers content shows a clear emphasis on business developments and government initiatives in regards to the environment.

Asia Environmental Daily is published as an online newspaper, with sections covering both regional and industry news. Regional news covers: China, East Asia, South Asia, Australia-New Zealand, Central Asia, and Middle East. Industry news covers: Airports and Aviation, Chemicals, Food and Agriculture, Mining and Metals, New Energy Vehicles, Railways, Energy, and Municipal Water.

Asia Environmental Daily has had a stable editorial staff since it’s inception. Thomas Evans served as Editor from 2007 to 2014 with Jill St. John serving as Editor since 2014. Although the subject matter of the paper covers pollution and other environmental ills facing the Asia-Pacific region, the editorial slant of the paper is deemed as “business friendly” and “not overly antagonistic to local governments.” Former editor, Thomas Evans is quoted as saying “The goal of the paper is not to attack or lay blame. Asia needs solutions. We hope to give businesses and government the information they need to solve these environmental problems.” The paper’s current editor, Jill St. John stated in an interview at Hong Kong University that “Environmental issues face us all. To be honest, without the help of business, there is no way forward.”

Board Membership
Chief Executive Officer: Xinmei Liu
Chief Operating Officer: Scott Garner
Editor: Jill St. John

Editorial Board Members: Thomas Evans, Zhang Wei, Wang Xiu Ying, William Austin, Sudhir Patil, Tomohiro Hidaka, Pakamas Thinphanga

Advisory Board Members: Scott Garner, Medan Bhandari Phd, Seunghyeon Kim

Political Leanings
While the paper rarely shows obvious or overt political views in its reporting, the environmental nature of the subject matter, editorial choices in story selection, and op-ed pieces show a centre-left political view. In the paper’s early days, many viewed the paper as far more radical in its political and activist leanings. In recent years, particularly under the ownership of Asia ENV Group, the paper is considered more neutral in its reporting. This change in political views has caused some controversy among long-term readers.

According to Asia Media Watch report 2019, the site had more than 1,220,000 individual readers per day. Individual page visits were 742,775,000 or 2,035,000 page visits per day. The paper has an AMW score of 8.78, one of the highest in Asia. The paper has been cited as one of the most influential news sites in Asia among business leaders and government officials for news on environmental issues and solutions across the region. While the paper’s primary readership by percentage is in Asia, it does have a significant international following.

Readership break-down by region] is: Asia 83%, North America 7%, South America 2%, Europe 5%, Australia 2%, Africa 1%. The paper is also followed by regional leaders. In February 2018, the paper was cited in a Malaysia Ministry of Agriculture report on the state of palm oil exports in light of impending EU sanctions on the industry. In March 2017, Indonesia Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti, in an interview with Jakarta Post, cited The Asia Environmental Daily as a source of information on the problems of illegal fishing in the South China Sea. In August 2015, Director General Farzana Altaf Shah of the Pakistan EPA cited the paper when discussing positive environmental developments within the CPEC and along the One Belt One Road.

Business Operations
Asia Environmental Daily currently has 34 employees and has a revenue of USD 6 million per year.

Asia Environmental Holdings Group (Asia ENV Group) along with the Asia Environmental Daily offers scholarships to approximately 10 students per year for academic study and research on the environment. Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students based on such criteria as grades, financial need, and the completion of a personal essay. Currently, the Daily is sponsoring students at: Hong Kong University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Nalanda University, University of Kuala Lumpur, Chulalongkorn University, Bogor Agricultural University, Vietnam National University, University of Karachi, Ateneo de Manila University, National University, Bangladesh.

Conservation Efforts
In 2017, Asia Environmental Daily and Asia ENV Group jointly donated more than USD 5 million to environmental causes and conservation efforts throughout Asia. Organizations supported included:

Project Orangutan for orangutan protection in Indonesia
Oceanswell, for Blue Whale conservation in Sri Lanka,
State of Maharashtra for its anti-plastic campaign in India
Landskap Malaysia for forestry protection and conservation in Malaysia
Nature Conservation Foundation for hornbill conservation in Indonesia
FORCE for clean water efforts in India
Farming First for sustainable agriculture efforts in Vietnam
Chulalongkorn University for soil erosion research in Thailand


Malaysia Green Society – Contributions to Journalism Award
Thailand Clean Energy Assoc. for contributions to education on solar energy
Bangkok Rotary Club for reporting on Thailand’s renewable energy sector
Philippines Marine Preservation Society for reporting on carbon emissions in the oceanic shipping industry
The Clean Water Initiative (Pakistan) for contributions to environmental journalism

India Solar Council - Award for Outstanding Reporting on the Indian Solar Industry
Malaysia Green Society – Contributions to Journalism Award
Friends of Indonesia Wildlife for reporting on threats to the Javan rhinoceros
The Clean Water Initiative (Pakistan) for reporting on clean water initiatives in Balochistan, Pakistan
The Ruth Robb Foundation (China) for contributions to environmental education
AAESC – for contributions to education on wind energy in Vietnam

Sri Lanka Wildlife Society for reporting on human/elephant conflicts in Sri Lanka
Green Ag Cambodia for contributions to Cambodia aquaculture education
Fauna and Flora Thailand – Outstanding Environmental Journalism

Philippines Marine Preservation Society for reporting on the negative impacts of tourism on coral reefs
The Indonesia Oil and Gas Assoc. – Award for Environmental Journalism

Green Ag Cambodia for contributions in education on sustainable rice production
Malaysia Green Society – Contributions to Journalism Award
Green Karachi (Pakistan) for contributions on promoting education on recycling

Singapore Nature Society for promoting educational awareness on fresh water resources
Friends of Indonesia Wildlife for reporting on threats to the Javan rhinoceros and Sumatran elephant
Green Space (India) – Award for contributions to Indian parks and forestry in West Bengal

The Green Council - Hong Kong for educational awareness on air quality issues on Hong Kong Island
Thailand Green Society for reporting on soil erosion problems in Khon Kaen, Northeast Thailand

The Green Council - Hong Kong for educational awareness on air quality issues on Hong Kong Island