The rules and regulations of Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary.

The following below are some rules and regulations of the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary that are posted on a sign just before the interpretive center in the parking lot located on South G Street in Arcata, California.[1]

  1. The sanctuary is open from 4:00am till one hour after sunset.
  2. Dogs must be on leash at all times while visiting the sanctuary.
  3. Please remain on the trails and roadways.
  4. Boating in the bay is recommended at tides higher than +3.0.
  5. Access to the marshes, lakes and outer dike is prohibited unless authorized in writing by Arcata's Environmental Services director.
  6. Hunting is prohibited within 100 yards of the land and open water adjacent to Sanctuary.
  7. Fishing is restricted to the posted area of Klopp Lake, artificial lures and flies only.
  8. Horses and motorized vehicles are restricted to the streets and parking areas.
  9. No aerial obstructions such as kites, hang gliders and model airplanes are allow.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary. (2008) Rules and Regulations. Retrieved on April 20, 2008, from 569 South G Street Arcata, California
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