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I'm just going to say that these pages on dealing with FECES are entirely misdirected.

Four issues:

  • design of system to make elimination easy
  • conversion of waste into resource
  • handling of waste
  • using as fertilizer or fill

Pathogens are not that big of issue (because your community is already sharing them--they just went through their bowels) nor directing urine away from feces (for this, the bigger issue is dilution of fertilizer-rich material with water like most toilets). Achieving 1 atmosphere of pressure over time generally is what it takes for total transformation. Agitation can speed up this process. The bacteria are anaerobic so don't require mixing with air -- if you can just keep it under pressure it will build. A corkscrew whereby prior eliminations can be kept under pressure is a desirable experiment. Carbon material can be in 1:1 ratio with urine, if you fine-ground the material. That means sawdust, finely shredded paper products, crushed dry leaves. It's the surface area that allows the conversion and the edges of that area to make it easier to attach.

I'll try to write more when I have the time, but it's all covered in the Tao of Permaculture document linked in Global Village Construction Kit. Pangaia (talk) 04:19, 16 December 2019 (UTC)