Appropedia uses widgets from

Current Widgets[edit source]

It is possible to insert certain widgets into pages. Useful ones which have already been successfully used on Appropedia include:

Widget Widget Code Used on page
Calendars Widget:Google Calendar User:Lonny
SlideShare Widget:SlideShare Open Sustainability Humboldt/Veterans Day 2009
Twitter Widget:Twitter User:Claine1
RSS Widget:Feed Appropedia:Blog
YouTube Widget:YouTube Thermal curtains
Vimeo Widget:Vimeo Six ways to die
Maps Uses special extension (see Help:Maps). We are still looking for a better implementation. User:Lonny
Google Custom Search Widget:Google Gadget Public Domain Search
Google Gadget Widget:Google Gadget Public Domain Search

Widgets to look into[edit source]

A small number of Google's OpenSocial widgets look useful. For example: (some of these links may not be the best ones.)


Not yet:

Some of the Wikispaces widgets look useful, in particular:

  • RSS feed
  • List of wiki pages (what kind of pages? E.g. from a category?)
  • Discussion area (or is this a bad idea, to have yet another discussion area, on top of talk pages and the Forum?)

Encouraged and discouraged widgets[edit source]

Some widgets are useful here, helping people to express who they are and network with like-minded people.

Some widgets (which ones?) may not serve a useful purpose here, may not help networking in the way we want, and are more likely to distract and take up people's time. If Facebook style games become available ("You have been bitten by Sue and turned into a vampire...!") these will be discouraged. (The Appropedia community might ban outright such widgets, but we can work out the details if it becomes an issue.)