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Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is an extension to MediaWiki that allows for annotating semantic data within wiki pages, thus turning a wiki that incorporates the extension into a semantic wiki. Data that has been encoded can be used in semantic searches, used for aggregation of pages, displayed in formats like maps, calendars and graphs, and exported to the outside world via formats like RDF and CSV. -- From Semantic MediaWiki at Wikipedia.

Semantic MediaWiki on AppropediaEdit

SMW is installed on Appropedia, implemented at Portal:Medical Devices. It is used to create a database of medical devices, sortable and query-able by field.

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The project's self-description: "SMW allows users to add structured data to wiki pages through simple wikitext markup that turns links to other pages and data values in a page into meaningful properties. With this information, SMW helps to search, organize, browse, evaluate, and share the wiki's content."

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