These steps need to be completed:

  1. Sections of the article not relevant to the focus of Appropedia can be deleted. Note: Image redlinks should not be removed - the Appropedia tech team is planning to make a change to allow the display of these images from Commons:Wikimedia Commons.
  2. Redlinks to articles not likely to be created on Appropedia can be unlinked. (Leave links to location and institution names such as Azerbaijan, Wisconsin, or Oxford University.) When these first two tasks are basically done, you can replace this template with {{from wikipedia semi}}.
  3. Categories need to be adapted, where not suitable to Appropedia - e.g. "people born in the 1940s". Redlinked categories are acceptable, as the pages can be created; pages such as can be deleted.
  4. The following tasks will be completed by bot:<ref>ChriswaterguyBot is being used for this. Please contact Chriswaterguy if you wish to assist.<ref>
    1. Templates not used on Appropedia should be deleted. (Add such templates to Appropedia:Stubs from Wikipedia articles/template cull.)
    2. Add a section "interwiki links" and a link to the original Wikipedia article.
    3. Change this notice to the {{from wikipedia}} attribution template.

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