This porting project will begin in earnest after the next MediaWiki upgrade, to 1.14 or higher. This in turn depends on finding a replacement for the Uniwiki editing interface, which doesn't work in 1.14. If you would like to help with these tech challenges, please see Appropedia:Technical development plan.

To encourage more contributions, to increase the chances of a visitor finding at least a stub on a topic they're looking for, and to demonstrate that Appropedia is meant to cover certain topics (even if we don't have a lot of content on them yet), it makes sense to create many stubs. A good and comprehensive way is to base them on Wikipedia articles.

Currently, Chriswaterguy is starting to import articles, and learning as he goes. The importing steps are:

  • A category of articles is downloaded from the Special:Export page at Wikipedia, without the history.[1]
  • The XML file is edited, to add "(from Wikipedia)" on the end of each article's name.
  • The file is imported, and then each pages is moved by bot (to remove the "(from Wikipedia)" from the page name). (The renaming helps avoid clashes between articles of the same name on Wikipedia and Appropedia. By leaving the redirects in place, it helps avoid importing each article more than once, when I do overlapping categories.)
  • Each article is tagged (by bot) with {{from wikipedia raw}} - which adds a template notice explaining how to help convert the article to a good stub, and which adds the __NOINDEX__ tag to the page, to avoid it being indexed by search engines (avoiding penalies for duplicated content).

Then, the Wikipedia articles can be turned into Appropedia stubs - by this process.

You can help: see articles flagged as raw, i.e. imported but not yet adapted, and help by removing sections and links which are not relevant to Appropedia.

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  1. The original plan was to include the history, but apart from the huge file sizes, and expansion of the database as a result, there is a potential for confusion over contributors, if a contributor to one of the Wikipedia articles has the same name as a different contributor on Appropedia.

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