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A history of collaboration[edit | edit source]

Appropedia has a strong history of collaboration - from its foundation in April 2006 until today the community has reached out and sought to work with others. Individuals have regularly chosen to submerge their own ego when it was for the benefit of the project (and ultimately the planet).

Partners[edit | edit source]

What partnership means[edit | edit source]

Partnership can mean:

  • sharing content, allowing it to be ported to Appropedia.
  • endorsement and encouraging members and associates to use and contribute to Appropedia.

Partner organizations[edit | edit source]

Sustainapedia[1] - with a similar vision to Appropedia, we quickly decided to join forces after making contact in early March 2007. Sustainapedia already had an impressive list of partners, and more have since joined up to the joint project. Partners organizations of the Sustainapedia-Appropedia joint project include:


Non-profit organizations:


Valuable content has been contributed by many excellent like-minded organizations and individuals to Appropedia. These include:


One national Engineers Without Borders organization is moving towards merging their wiki with ours, and both sides are excited about this - but we'll be a little discreet and not mention which country till it's confirmed and official. We are engaging in conversations with EWB in different countries as well, and hope for cooperation with all such groups.

Related but different wikis. We have agree to link to relevant materials on each others' sites:

Wikis engaged in ongoing conversations:

  • Greenlivingpedia - who has given us some great pointers about serving the mainstream as well as hippie and super-geeky people; SustainapediaNW, TipThePlanet.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

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