Introduction: As there is no dominant green building wiki, and Appropedia's approach is more integrated (renewable energy, permaculture etc on the same site) there is a compelling case for building the exhaustive green building wiki on Appropedia.

Provisional steward: Chriswaterguy

Blogger(s): Chriswaterguy and...?

Partners: (Organizations, institutions and/or high-profile individuals who can lend energy, resources, publicity and/or credibility to the effort.)

  • Potential:
    • Green Building Council (Chriswaterguy has made contact with GBC Indonesia, conversation ongoing.);
    • Clinton Foundation
    • academics and academic programs in built environment (architecture &...); sustainability...
  • Confirmed:

Target launch date: (Is there urgency to this date? E.g. upcoming conference?)

Talking points: (Make a note whenever a post, tweet, etc, is done on a particular talking point so that we can make sure that each point gets covered over time.)

Specific action requests: (Examples below.)

  1. Tell us about partners and projects we should be aware of by clicking (add link).
  2. Site notices asking for input and participation...
  3. Tell potential interns about the program
  4. Help us define policies related to the program
  5. Help design a program portal
  6. Apply for a three month stint as the "(InitiativeName) Steward" or one of the other volunteers.

Specific volunteer positions sought:

  • Content liaison - initiating and maintaining contact with organizations that can provide content. (Pull in an Appropedia admin as appropriate.)

Available resources:

Links to key pages:

  • (placeholder for link to blog post that will announce the initiative. update this at launch time.)

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