This page describes the activities of an Initiative steward. We appreciate your consideration of this role!

The stewardship role[edit | edit source]

Initiative stewards are volunteers that significantly increase the scale and pace of progress at Appropedia. An individual stewardship role will require between 1 and 3 hours per week. Appropedia expects to have dozens of Initiatives active at any given time. By tracking, guiding and promoting the progress of an Initiative, a steward helps engage the Appropedia community, and advance the Appropedia mission. Stewardship activities will vary with each initiative, but all can be accomplished through a browser and email.

Expectations of a steward[edit | edit source]

An ideal Initiative steward will perform the activities below for their specific Initiative

  1. Be an enthusiastic supporter of the Initiative
  2. Spend 1 to 3 hours per week helping develop the Initiative
  3. Track edits that users make on key article pages related to the Initiative
    1. Mark the key pages as "watch" pages so that you receive email when they are modified
    2. For content edits, ensure that they are legitimate and in the right place
    3. Edit or move content as needed
    4. For questions, provide answers or contact someone who can answer
  4. Help with promotion. Every few weeks, blog or tweet (or suggest ideas for others to blog or tweet) about the Initiative
  5. As needed, maintain and update a description of the status of the Initiative on the Initiative launch page
  6. Look for ways the Initiative could make better progress
    1. Do newcomers to the Initiative have enough guidance available?
    2. Is another page needed?
    3. Does a page need to be restructured?
    4. Should a Mediawiki template be created (for example, to help users identify with the Initiative)

Necessary skills of a steward[edit | edit source]

  1. basic Mediawiki skills
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