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This page attempts to show the entire category site of the whole Appropedia wiki site. It will miss categories which have not been put in higher level categories, and categories which are still redlinks. (You can help to fix this.[1])

Topics[edit source]

The category structure is a work in progress. Probably the "Topics" category should start with the most basic human needs (food, water, shelter/habitat, communication/community, health/safety) and go from there. Please leave comments and suggestions on the talk page.

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The Topics category is a subcategory of Fundamental, which is shown below.

Fundamental category tree[edit source]

This is the most fundamental view of categories on Appropedia.

For pages about this website, see the first section below, Appropedia.

For page types (how tos, projects etc) and more, see the Fundamental category.

Notes[edit source]

  1. The complete list is at Special:UncategorizedCategories. You can help by adding category tags to these orphaned categores. See also Special:WantedCategories, Special:UncategorizedPages, Special:UncategorizedFiles, Special:UncategorizedTemplates and Special:UnusedCategories.

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