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See also Category:Appropedia contributor tools.

Potentially useful tools[edit source]

Tech help needed

These would be possibly useful, but are set up to work on Wikimedia projects. Can someone help us by adapting the scripts to Appropedia, and helping set them up on our server?

  • Missing links suggests new links from full-text analysis. (Doesn't seem to work - doesn't seem to be a way to input a pagename.)
  • CatNap shows articles in a category grouped by "co-categories".
  • Wiki ToDo choses a random article on en.wikipedia and suggests things to fix. (Some will be very useful to Appropedia; some of the suggestions seem specific to Wikipedia.)
  • MissingTopics finds redlinks in pages in a category (and subcategories) and sorts them in order of occurrence.
  • CommonsHelper 2] A tool to transfer files from Wikimedia projects to Wikimedia Commons. Could this be used to transfer from (say) Wikimedia Commons or another wiki to Appropedia? (Still in testing? Old version is Commonshelper but looks confusing.)

TUSC or Toolserver User Screening Control also seems to be frequently employed by Wikipedians, but it's unclear what for.