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Amigos del Pandeño

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Amigos del Pandeño Overview[edit]

Fig 1: Amigos del Pandeño

Amigos del Pandeño is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based out of Julimes, Chicuahua, Mexico. Founded in 2008, their main focus is to conserve water from “El Pandeño,” which is a hotspring located in the Rio Conchos Basin in Chicuahua, Mexico. Amigos del Pandeño is also concentrating on upgrading the irrigation and protecting the Julimes pupfish. The “hottest fish in the world,” is endangered and lives in El Pandeño.


Fig 2: Julimes

Amigos del Pandeño is based out of Julimes, Chicuahua, Mexico. Chicuahua, Mexico is the Northwest region of Mexico and lies directly beneath Texas and New Mexico.

The Chicuahua Desert lies in the majority of Chicuahua but also stretches into the United States. The Chicuahua Desert is the largest in North America. Because of its desert temperatures (low in the winters and high in the summers) and high altitude not much rain falls in the Chicuahua Desert. The Rio Conchos Basin joins the Rio Grande River.


In September 2010, “the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) issued positive response to a request made by "Amigos del Pandeño", to allow them to hold the custody, for the use and management of the federal lands surrounding "El Pandeño" -officially known as "San Jose de Pandos"- thermal spring, for environmental purposes, for a ten years term.”

Also, in 2010 Amigos del Pandeño began working on the irrigation in Julimes. They built a “biofilter which treats raw sewage from 50 homes in Julimes. The water treatment system was designed as a primary treament plant that avoids untreated sewage to flow into the Rio Conchos. “ This was done in partnership with Rotary International and the WWF-Chichuahuan Desert Program.

Most recently, Amigos del Pandeño started their water conversation project.


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