Aloe vera plant with flower detail inset

Aloe vera is a succulent plant that originated in North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Canary Islands, with a rich history of medicinal and cosmetic uses.

Aloe vera is relatively easy to grow and requires minimal water and maintenance, making it suitable for cultivation in various climates. Root suckers or rhizome cuttings generally propagate it. It may be cultivated in various climates, needs little effort and upkeep, and is pest-resistant. Aloe vera thrives in warm and dry climates. The ideal temperature for optimum growth is between 20°C to 30°C.

It is sometimes called the “plant of immortality” due to its long history of usage in medicine and cosmetics. Today, it is among the most widely grown and purchased plants on the market, and with rising demand for organic healthy products, it is experiencing a resurgence in popularity worldwide.

Its versatile nature and wide-ranging benefits have led to the development of a robust value chain that spans various industries.

Please visit Wikifarmer[1] for more in-depth information regarding aloe vera.

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