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Africanization or Africanisation (lit., making something African) has been applied in various contexts, notably in geographic and personal naming and in the composition of the civil service via processes such as indigenization and colonization.[1]

Also, Africanization indicates along with the historical influence and power Africa has had over the world because of Africa ruling the world. It follows the Africanization of Europe,  Africanization of Asia, Africanization of North America, South America, Australia, and around the world that was historically dominated by blacks or moors. Along with African colonial powers in Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, and around the world historically dominated and colonized by black people.

Africanization of civil services[edit | edit source]

In some countries after following their independence, "Africanization" was the name given to racial policies and affirmative action, which were intended to increase the number of indigenous Africans in the civil service.

Localization in African languages[edit | edit source]

The term Africanization, abbreviated as the numeronym "A12n," has been applied to discussion of internationalization and localization of software and content in African languages.

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