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This is a plea to all those interested in and working for mosquito control world over. I have doubts on efficacy of source reduction as far as mosquito control is concerned. Can someone explain how does it work out and reduce mosquito menace. My mind tells me that it cannot deliver the goods. See what WHO said on Mosquito control and Malaria control.

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A common question[edit | edit source]

Source reduction including elimination of water logging and avoidance of indiscriminate disposal of broken bottles & vessels, coconut shells, used tyres etc in open yards to prevent formation of micro water bodies by rain water are the measures suggested by Health Authorities through their pamphlets & news paper ads. What GEM Technology proposes is just contrary to this. How can you be right then? Are not the experts including WHO more likely to be correct?

Ans.[edit | edit source]

Avoidance of water-logging is impractical and useless. It has been recorded that mosquito lay eggs in stagnant water, running water, brackish water and in dry places as well! Is it possible to dry up or close down all the wells, ponds, rivers, streams, paddy fields, dams, lakes etc? (Even if possible, how to overcome the ecological damage it will impart to the environment). We can eliminate breeding in flower vases, fridge, a/c, room cooler & flower pot drainage trays, etc. How to avoid breeding in rain water collected on cactus & plantain plants, the dip at branch and trunk joint of large trees, in the holes made by bumble bee & wood pecker on old trees and in the foot prints of animals & humans on wet soil during rainy season? It has been read (in the print version of Encyclopedia Britannica) during the 1990's that eggs laid in dry places remain intact for long periods and hatch in rain water during next season! Can we stop the rain? It is true that indiscriminately thrown containers can act as breeding places for mosquito. GEM Tech is different. In this we destroy wrigglers every week; do not allow them to mature into imago.

Lack of water body to lay does not in any way impair the formation or maturing of egg in mosquitoes. If it were true or possible, how easy it would have been to control human population growth. Increasing Poultry-egg production also would not have been a problem.

What do you think? Please open up. Let us debate. There is an Indian story the moral of which is that at some point of time some one will shout out the unpleasant truth.

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