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Hi Singkong

Thank you for your very thoughtful contributions so far. I am very impressed by your sound thought, intention and technical ability (and recipes). Are you interested in being an administrator on appropedia? I am not sure when that will help what you do here, but I definitely would like to remove any obstacles to your input. --Lonny 22:54, 30 June 2006 (PDT)

Rainwater Harvesting and Blogging

Please feel free to move your personal blog here. I think that appropedia should serve as a blog space and social networking site (more on that later) for those working towards change.

I hope you don't mind but I googled you. And found your work on Vadgam rainwater catchement. I have had some success using wikipedia:Ferrocement rainwater harvesting with little noticeable taste. Here are some links you may find useful... I should probably add some of these to appropedia and wikipedia accordingly. It looks like the ferrocement page at wikipedia could use some help.
The documents seem to be missing right now... but should be up soon I hope.
In this urban Zambia project they picked ferrocement as the most cost effective.
Nice 24 page rainwater harvesting document from Practical Action. Inculdes ferrocement tanks.
The Ajit Foundation, Scientific Resource Centre, Jaipur
SimTanka: software tool for rainwater harvesting performance modeling. This software has meet some common international development problems, read more about it at the link.
Jal-Chitra: software tool to create an interactive water map of a village.

In addition, the great and short documentary A Quiet Revolution has a piece about a village in India digging rainwater harvesting swails for ground water recharging. I believe there is a viewable movie at that site, but if not I can put it on a server for you. I am emailing the producers to ask for what they think about hosting the video on google video or the such.

I think I have some homemade movies on ferrocement as well. Please let me know if you are interested.

From the appropedia html sister site (mentioned here just for fun)
Whimsical page about at home rainwater harvesting with ferrocement (this system is not for drinking).
The system is small and uncovered and the pictures are oversized. But still fun.
Plastic tank rainwater harvesting for a Community Resource Center in an effort to water a community garden that would help span the cultural gap between the Latino and Anglo members of their community.

Hmm... Sorry if none of that is usefull, I just got a little excited about the project. --Lonny 22:54, 30 June 2006 (PDT)