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About Me

Name: Steven Mitchell

I am just now wrapping up my first year attending Humboldt State as an Environmental Resources Engineering student. I am originally from Lake Elsinore, California where I attended Lakeside High School and had my interest in engineering sparked by my physics teacher, Deborah Lilly.


  • Appropriate Technology
  • Sustainable Gardening
  • Architecture

Experience in Engineering

  • Engineering 115
  • Engineering 215
    • In Engineering 215, I was part of the team Garden Gnome Coalition, and as a group we designed and built waste reductive container garden. This is a link to that document: [[1]]
    • Here is an Google Sketchup drawing of the GnomeTainer: [[2]]
    • Here is an example of a memo I wrote for a section of that document: [[3]]
    • Here is an example of a Gantt chart done for that project: [[4]]
    • Here is an example of a spreadsheet of mine: [[5]]