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I am a future student at Humboldt State University. I have been working on designing gardens based on Permaculture style practices for the last since 2007. I am relitvey new to the Appropriate Technology sean but i am extremely interested in perusing a failed of study based both in Environmental Resource Endangering and with an application rooted in Appropriate Technology.


This Garden i co-designed with my girlfriend is built in her parents back yard. The objective of this designed was to reduce the amount of lawn that was on the property wile at the same time improving sole quality, bio-diversity, and creating more garden space for both edible landscaping and beads space foe vegetables. Dispite the close proximty of the garden to the house the project was to be designed so that moste of the space was low mantance not qute a Zone 2 but close. Befour.jpg This was the pice of lawn that we started with

File:Card board sheet mulching.jpg The pattern of the beds desinged and then layed out with card board to kill the sod in the arias where plants were to be grown.

Trench diging.jpg The trenched where then dug out and and the dirt was place on the card board. The trenches where as close to couture as we could manage but we had to make out trenches/paths function as both a water harvesting system and as functioning walkways to we where forced to dig slightly agents couture in some places Moretrenches.jpg