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When out...

Things I might need from a different computer...



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forum/blog post, content notes

Idea for page and blog/forum post re architecture:


Sustainable Humane Habitat in Developing Contexts - They seem very relevant to us and also connected historically with Engineers Without Borders UK - raise with Andrew Lamb.

  • Bring into any discussion on open design, and OSN.
  • Note they are funded by the European Commission's Asia Link Programme. This programme has been established in order to fund projects promoting Euro-Asian partnerships between research institutions addressing environmental and social challenges. Not exactly something we are likely to get as a US based org, but might give some ideas.

To do:

  • effect of keywords in PD search, e.g. reports
  • TT-related content
    • search terms for Appropedia's Public Domain Search - TT doesn't work.
    • UP, housing options
    • transport - port this & anything good on this site.[1][2]
    • other TT themes/areas of focus?
      • need to be self-sufficient... with good local food networks, less energy consumption per head and strong practical skills,
      • climate change deals with the invisible and has very little positivity about it, whereas this is all about positivity. Everybody can get stuck in and design the change - it is very much a bottom-up initiative. - empowerment, participation, cf subsidies.
      • war footing, and TT as a leading example
      • TT & climate change - not necessarily constructive (if the change is to other fossil fuels) but most likely the general awareness and people's tendency to conflate issues mean that support for TT will mean a support for sustainable action, not ways to replace oil with coal.
  • - reply (bump) after adding more permaculture content.
  • original docs in mainspace; check what links to {{Includes content from}}, and also update that template.
  • Alan Alda as a supporter of green tech?
  • how does instruct/relate to Appropedia functionality?
  • contact a sympathetic WP admin re hexayurt article, getting a copy. done.
  • Wikipedia:appropriate technology examples -> each relevant topic page. Can be expanded and analyzed in a way not suitable for Wikipedia. Also consider adapting definition section (Jottings on appropriate technology?)

(Vinay, Mich, Mel...): Kiwanja, NGO-mobile. Innovative ideas for mobiles.

ap tech

Twitter: greenskeptic GPF (Global Philanthropy Forum): Fazle Abed (founder of BRAC): "All our solutions have been small scale; we hv not been ambitious enough to end poverty." about 14 hours ago from web


AIDG aidg Tech Tuesday: Urine-Diverting (Dry) Toilet [Shada, Haiti] Pt 1,com_jd-wp/Itemid,34/p,1044/ AIDG aidg Urine-Diverting (Dry) Toilet [Shada, Haiti] Pt 2,com_jd-wp/Itemid,34/p,1046/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+aidgblog+%28AIDG+Blog%29 -- Chriswaterguy

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Draft notes for forums

Hi - I'm looking for advice on reliable distros with good repositories. The ideal might be if it used the Debian repositories or only slightly modified Debian repos (or repos from another major, reliable distro - maybe RedHat or Fedora) but was packaged in a more user-friendly way than Debian. Suggestions?

"Which distro do you recommend?" PS - the reason I don’t like any distro is exactly because I’ve never found one where I *didn’t* find myself doing stuff an end user should *not* have to do. Not that I can’t, but I do administration for my day job — I don’t wanna go home and do it s’more! ;-)

IRC notes

(10:28:05 AM) Chriswaterguy: Hi - I'm looking for advice on reliable distros with good repositories. The ideal might be if it used the Debian repositories or only slightly modified Debian repos (or repos from another major, reliable distro - maybe RedHat or Fedora) but was packaged in a more user-friendly way than Debian. Suggestions? (10:28:43 AM) Titan8990: Chriswaterguy, opensuse (10:29:21 AM) Titan8990: Chriswaterguy, but IMO, nothing beats debian package management (10:29:32 AM) xy|ox: Chriswaterguy, ubuntu (10:29:46 AM) neoteny: errr Titan8990 opensuse doesn't provide anything Chriswaterguy asked for. (10:29:50 AM) Titan8990: xy|ox, you must have missed his first sentance that included "reliable" (10:30:24 AM) heftig: Chriswaterguy: centos (10:30:28 AM) Titan8990: neoteny, it matches reliable and user-friendly package management (10:31:18 AM) xy|ox: Titan8990, so you recommend opensuse, do you miss the his first sentence? (10:32:18 AM) Chriswaterguy: Thanks for the answers! (10:34:02 AM) Chriswaterguy: Titan8990: I'd love access to the Debian repos, but decided against straight Debian. the Debian install disk couldn't even recognize the HDD on my ThinkPad (and I bought this machine because it was supposed to the most compatible with Linux!) (10:34:35 AM) Titan8990: Chriswaterguy, are you sure you wern't trying to install the unstable version of debain? (10:34:55 AM) Chriswaterguy: xy|ox: Ubuntu works for a lot of people, but I'd rather avoid it. it doesn't strike me as reliable - from my own awful experiences and from what I've read. (10:35:22 AM) Titan8990: Chriswaterguy, wikipedia has a list of distros that use debian package management (10:35:30 AM) Chriswaterguy: heftig: I was thinking about CentOS. (10:35:42 AM) Titan8990: Chriswaterguy, centos is not one of them (10:35:46 AM) Chriswaterguy: heftig: It uses the RedHat repos? (10:36:21 AM) heftig: Chriswaterguy: it uses its own repos, but they're practically clones of rhel (10:36:55 AM) Chriswaterguy: RHEL packages should be good - Debian might be the ideal, but not the only option. (10:36:57 AM) neilthereildeil: adaptr: ok ill try to steal the script (10:36:59 AM) bolt [] entered the room. (10:37:00 AM) heftig: mib_gmzx4o: ask your distro :) (10:37:09 AM) monestri: Can I try a different client? (10:37:10 AM) neilthereildeil: but i guess its manually editing the menu.lst file until then.... (10:37:11 AM) linatrix left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)). (10:37:11 AM) neilthereildeil: thx (10:37:14 AM) neilthereildeil left the room. (10:37:16 AM) mib_gmzx4o: ok, are things ok for some distros ? (10:37:18 AM) Browser` left the room (quit: "Lost terminal"). (10:37:20 AM) c64zotte1 left the room (quit: Client Quit). (10:37:24 AM) Titan8990: m0nst3rkill3r, ehh, ~/.gnome maybe (10:37:24 AM) HellMind [n=RANDOM@] entered the room. (10:37:25 AM) c64zotte1 [] entered the room. (10:37:34 AM) mib_gmzx4o: because my gma 950 sucks balls on archlinux (10:37:35 AM) heftig: Chriswaterguy: CentOS is RHEL without the price tag (10:37:47 AM) mib_gmzx4o: how are things over at debian or ubuntu ? (10:37:47 AM) HellMind: how can assign a core to a process? (10:37:50 AM) mib_gmzx4o: or fedora (10:37:53 AM) Titan8990: m0nst3rkill3r, but if you are referring to non-GUI applications then they need scripts in /etc/init.d and they are added to startup with the update-rc command (10:37:54 AM) adaptr: RHEL is just as free (10:37:55 AM) Just4Now: monestri, another clieint prob won't help, but i didn't much care for the firefox ftp client (10:37:59 AM) here4thegear left the room. (10:38:15 AM) Titan8990: mib_gmzx4o, they all use a similar kernel (10:38:15 AM) xy|ox: Chriswaterguy, what you understand by reliable? (10:38:16 AM) linatrix [n=ali@] entered the room. (10:38:19 AM) heftig: mib_gmzx4o: running fedora 10, intel performance is awful. fedora 11 uses the new stuff. going to try the alpha soon (10:38:26 AM) Titan8990: mib_gmzx4o, and thus the same driver (10:38:26 AM) Chriswaterguy: Titan8990: I was trying the testing version of Debian. I figured that Stable was not going to be updated for another 18 months - not an attractive option. Testing is supposed to be at least as stable as most distros. (10:38:32 AM) AngryElf left the room (quit: "leaving"). (10:38:37 AM) mib_gmzx4o: i mean, this has been going on for too long now (10:38:41 AM) mib_gmzx4o: at first i was patient (10:38:47 AM) mib_gmzx4o: but now it's just too much (10:38:48 AM) Titan8990: Chriswaterguy, not really, I also had the driver problem with debian unstable (10:38:51 AM) mib_gmzx4o: how long has it been (10:38:54 AM) mib_gmzx4o: since .27 ? (10:39:07 AM) Titan8990: Chriswaterguy, its marked unstable for a reason and distros such as debian don't update as often to maintain that stability (10:39:21 AM) monestri: well i'd use it if I knew how to upload with it Just4Now (10:39:22 AM) mib_gmzx4o: i mean, there has to be something wrong when diablo 2 is slow as molasses on an intel gma 950 (10:39:23 AM) Titan8990: Chriswaterguy, you have to make a choice between "bleeding-edge" and stable, period (10:39:35 AM) Just4Now: your client on windows or linux (10:39:39 AM) Chriswaterguy: How do OpenSuse repos compare? I've heard good things of OpenSuse, and I gather it supports LXDE (my favorite desktop) (10:40:11 AM) mib_gmzx4o: Chriswaterguy: there is no special "support" needed for a window manager or desktop enviroment (10:40:20 AM) mib_gmzx4o: unless there's something terribly wrong with the distro (10:40:21 AM) extor left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection). (10:41:04 AM) wooby left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection). (10:41:07 AM) ognirc [] entered the room. (10:41:12 AM) mib_gmzx4o: Titan8990: i was thinking more among the lines of some distros refusing to offer the new stuff in the repos until it matures (10:41:17 AM) Chriswaterguy: mib_gmzx4o: there's a difference between winging it with a different desktop and using one that is standard or semi-standard for the distro. (10:41:17 AM) mib_gmzx4o: what a crappy step from intel (10:41:25 AM) jwhite^ left the room (quit: No route to host). (10:41:57 AM) icatorze left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection). (10:42:00 AM) Titan8990: mib_gmzx4o, gentoo masks packages until they are 100% mature (10:42:10 AM) Titan8990: mib_gmzx4o, but its not for new users at all (10:42:17 AM) Chriswaterguy: Titan8990: So you think "Stable" would recognize my HDD? I don't see why that would change between Lenny and Testing (especially since they only diverged last month). (10:42:23 AM) mib_gmzx4o: Titan8990: isn't gentoo dead already ? :) (10:42:54 AM) mib_gmzx4o: and anyway, i don't find watching text scroll by all day long any fun.... (10:42:59 AM) Titan8990: Chriswaterguy, idk, I do know even when specifying the right driver for my sata controller in the debian unstable release, it still failed to recognize (10:43:00 AM) Chriswaterguy: mib_gmzx4o: There's something terribly wrong with a lot of distros :-). Even fantastic ones have their problems. (10:43:03 AM) monestri left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection). (10:43:07 AM) Titan8990: Chriswaterguy, so yes, I think stable debain will work (10:43:10 AM) Titan8990: mib_gmzx4o, not even close (10:43:14 AM) mib_gmzx4o: Chriswaterguy: touche (10:43:19 AM) heftig: mib_gmzx4o: nah, it's not dead. but it's still an exercise in patience :P (10:43:37 AM) shadeslayer left the room (quit: "bye"). (10:43:51 AM) osubuck: gentoo teaches patience huh? (10:43:59 AM) heftig: yes (10:44:12 AM) Just4Now: would my one and only hard drive be /dev/hda0 ? (10:44:14 AM) mib_gmzx4o: you know (10:44:20 AM) garme left the room (quit: "Leaving"). (10:44:20 AM) Renfield [] entered the room. (10:44:22 AM) Titan8990: osubuck, and lots of troubleshooting skills (10:44:22 AM) adaptr: Just4Now: just hda (10:44:25 AM) mib_gmzx4o: there can be a thing as too much patience (10:44:32 AM) osubuck: then what's the point? (10:44:34 AM) heftig: Just4Now: it would be /dev/hda if it's IDE, or /dev/sda if it's SCSI or SATA (10:44:36 AM) Hodapp_: Chriswaterguy: What do you propose is terribly wrong with a lot of distros? (10:44:39 AM) osubuck: why would you want to use something like that (10:44:44 AM) mib_gmzx4o: Just4Now: more likely /dev/sda (10:44:45 AM) Just4Now: thanx heftig, it's SATA (10:44:50 AM) ToreadorVampire left the room (quit: "... and now back to the REAL fantasy world!"). (10:44:53 AM) Raistl|n [] entered the room. (10:45:15 AM) Just4Now: my OS won't boot with grub, so I'm trying to to boot from the centos cd and then boot from there. i found a document that says try vmlinuz root=/dev/sda (10:45:22 AM) mib_gmzx4o: when is .29 coming along ? (10:45:28 AM) mib_gmzx4o: or is it out already ? (10:45:34 AM) mib_gmzx4o: and i'm just being silly now (10:45:39 AM) Chriswaterguy: Hodapp_: Just going by experience - instablity, things not working. Not to say they don't have a lot a great features, and won't get a lot better and maybe crush MS. But not this year. (10:45:41 AM) mib_gmzx4o: how's intel on 2.6.29 ? (10:45:53 AM) xokaido [] entered the room. (10:45:53 AM) Just4Now: cannot open root device sda, or unkonown block (0,0 (10:45:58 AM) xokaido: hi all... :-) (10:46:08 AM) mjf [] entered the room. (10:46:10 AM) path_ [] entered the room. (10:46:15 AM) mib_gmzx4o: Just4Now: you need to specify a partition, that's that number after /dev/sda (10:46:17 AM) Kitar88 left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)). (10:46:21 AM) Renfield: Ha! I love your web site "Cookies must be allowed to vote". (10:46:25 AM) Kitar88 [] entered the room. (10:46:25 AM) osubuck: MS is about due for another success (10:46:36 AM) mib_gmzx4o: osubuck: you mean with win7 ? (10:46:42 AM) osubuck: yes (10:46:50 AM) mib_gmzx4o: it would seem so (10:46:52 AM) osubuck: vista was like the ME of this generation (10:47:01 AM) mib_gmzx4o: and it can only be a good thing ;) (10:47:09 AM) Dexter left the room (quit: Read error: 113 (No route to host)). (10:47:13 AM) Chriswaterguy: Re "distros that use debian package management" - if a distro uses APT, that's not the same as using the Debian repos, is it? (10:47:22 AM) Just4Now: likely to be /dev/sda0 then right (10:47:26 AM) mib_gmzx4o: Chriswaterguy: of course not (10:47:26 AM) Just4Now: first i created /boot partition (10:47:32 AM) Kitar|st left the room (quit: Connection timed out). (10:47:39 AM) mib_gmzx4o: Just4Now: if it's the first partition then yes /dev/sda0 (10:47:45 AM) mib_gmzx4o: if not, then move the number up (10:47:59 AM) mib_gmzx4o: you'll hit it eventually if you're not sure (10:48:01 AM) mib_gmzx4o: :) (10:48:03 AM) Just4Now: cannot open root device "NULL" or unknown block (8,3) (10:48:04 AM) Chriswaterguy: mib_gmzx4o: just checking :-). So using APT doesn't mean it has good repos. (10:48:13 AM) mlarsen [] entered the room. (10:48:26 AM) Chriswaterguy: Also planning on giving Knoppix a whirl. At least I'll have a good LiveCD for when I need it. (10:48:29 AM) mib_gmzx4o: yup (10:48:31 AM) Renfield: I need some assistance with my udev rules. I want to create a symlink for my external DVD-RW. It appears that the symlink points to /dev/sg0, but in order to actually mount a CD, I need it to point to /dev/sr0. Anyone know how I go about doing this? (10:48:41 AM) osubuck: knoppix is decent (10:48:48 AM) osubuck: uses LXDE (10:48:53 AM) Frederick [n=ubuntu@unaffiliated/frederick] entered the room. (10:49:11 AM) mib_gmzx4o: knoppix with LXDE ? (10:49:13 AM) mib_gmzx4o: my my (10:49:16 AM) mib_gmzx4o: i though it was kde (10:49:22 AM) mib_gmzx4o: well, who could blame 'em (10:49:23 AM) osubuck: thats what the live cd i got came with (10:49:26 AM) Frederick: folks ive had to reisntall windows vista and it removed my grub, im having problems to set it again I have 3 linux installs I dont want todo again can I have some help? (10:49:28 AM) mib_gmzx4o: the new kde is crap (10:49:32 AM) xokaido: in the past I have used the port of a site (it was 81), the main reason was testing purpose of a website, now I have switched the port to a default one (80) but firefox has somehow stored the port 81 and doesn't let me get to default port 80... (10:49:37 AM) xokaido: what can I do?... (10:49:42 AM) mib_gmzx4o: Frederick: you need a live cd (10:49:46 AM) osubuck: kde 3.5.10 still works good here :D (10:49:53 AM) simard [] entered the room. (10:50:00 AM) Frederick: mib_gmzx4o: im on one (10:50:03 AM) Frederick: can you help me? (10:50:04 AM) xokaido: Frederick, yes you can... (10:50:11 AM) mreiss_ [n=mreiss@MREISS.RES.CMU.EDU] entered the room. (10:50:15 AM) Tirili [] entered the room. (10:50:23 AM) xokaido: Frederick, use: grub_update and evetyhing would be just fine... :-) (10:50:24 AM) mib_gmzx4o: Frederick: can you install grub from that live cd ? (10:50:27 AM) mib_gmzx4o: which one is it (10:50:31 AM) p4s4l left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)). (10:50:32 AM) Ether_Man left the room (quit: ). (10:50:56 AM) wooby [] entered the room. (10:51:04 AM) mib_gmzx4o: oh, back on the intel graphics topic (10:51:16 AM) Frederick: mib_gmzx4o: it iis ubuntu live cd (10:51:21 AM) mib_gmzx4o: anyone else experiencing high Xorg memory usage (10:51:26 AM) mib_gmzx4o: ? (10:51:44 AM) xokaido: does anyone know why FF should port of a site (in the past I have used port 81, now I don't want) and how to change it?.. (10:51:45 AM) heftig: 646m virt (10:51:52 AM) heftig: topped by firefox at 1g virt (10:51:58 AM) mib_gmzx4o: Frederick: try this ---> (10:52:02 AM) donglep3 left the room. (10:52:13 AM) aff___ is now known as killown (10:52:27 AM) linatrix- left the room (quit: No route to host). (10:52:57 AM) Schoktra left the room (quit: ). (10:53:07 AM) xokaido: does anyone know why FF should remember the port of a site (in the past I have used port 81, now I don't want) and how to change it?.. (10:53:14 AM) jnewt3 [] entered the room. (10:53:25 AM) mib_gmzx4o: xokaido: if you're not sure (10:53:34 AM) mib_gmzx4o: just wipe firefox from your system and reinstall it (10:53:42 AM) Titan8990: mib_gmzx4o, are you serious? (10:53:42 AM) mib_gmzx4o: BAM you get defaults back (10:53:51 AM) SQlvpapir_ [] entered the room. (10:53:55 AM) mib_gmzx4o: Titan8990: about what ? (10:54:00 AM) xokaido: loool, I really don't want to be done... (10:54:02 AM) Titan8990: xokaido, ctrl+shift+delete (10:54:08 AM) wooby left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection). (10:54:13 AM) Titan8990: mib_gmzx4o, lol reinstalling firefox to reset settings (10:54:16 AM) xokaido: am sure there would be an easier solution, thx anyway... ;-) (10:54:21 AM) Frederick: setup (hd0) (10:54:22 AM) Frederick: Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition (10:54:26 AM) Texou left the room (quit: "++"). (10:54:35 AM) mib_gmzx4o: Titan8990: well, whatever :) (10:54:39 AM) kksm19820117 [n=kksm1982@] entered the room. (10:54:41 AM) mib_gmzx4o: the man's question sounded specific (10:54:42 AM) xokaido: Titan8990, doesn't work... (10:54:44 AM) mib_gmzx4o: never heard of that (10:55:07 AM) Just4Now: Ok, i'm sure it's /dev/sda0. But i still get " cannot open root device "NULL" or unknown block (8,3)." Which makes me wonder, how could the install CD boot from the HD without loading the drivers first? (10:55:08 AM) Chriswaterguy: I definitely want a distro with LXDE :-). So nice, so fast, works smoothly. (10:55:10 AM) mib_gmzx4o: xokaido: just do a rm -r ~/.mozilla

I like a fast, light system. Fast = green. Lean code = less waiting, less headaches. LXDE/Openbox is the best I've found for my level of ability.

(11:32:39 AM) Chriswaterguy1: heftig: I assume "time to set it up" means I need a deeper knowledge of Linux than I have? i.e. good working knowledge of the CLI for a start. (11:33:05 AM) F00f00foo: Chriswaterguy1: for gentoo install ? yes. (11:33:14 AM) heftig: Chriswaterguy1: they do provide very nice guides. (11:33:39 AM) segin|kvirc left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)). (11:33:43 AM) Chriswaterguy1: heftig: "nice guides" - link? I doubt I'll go there, but I like to see good docs. (11:33:56 AM) F00f00foo: you need another machine though... or a printer.. or a nack for using multiple consoles and text based browsers (11:34:19 AM) Chriswaterguy1: I mean, doubt I'll install, but I really believe in good docs. (And yes, I do contribute, to various wikis) (11:34:46 AM) heftig: Chriswaterguy1: (11:34:47 AM) F00f00foo: Chriswaterguy1: google gentoo install (11:34:55 AM) heftig: Chriswaterguy1: takes you through the whole install process of a minimal system

The solution I found to empty the swap is to disable it: it forces the kernel to empty it first. Then I just re-enable it as soon, and I the system starts from a clean sheet so to speak. To disable swap: $ sudo swapoff -a Then re-enable it: $ sudo swapon -a There is also another use case for this off/on trick: When I was (not using it anymore) the Hibernation feature, I noticed that when resuming, the system was very slow... it was using swap a lot, even though zero swap was used before hibernating was triggered. So you basically have a responsive/snappy system before hibernating, and when resuming, ytou get a slow system... how nice. So turning the swap off/on following a resume, fixed the problem. --

not enabled:

  • bluez - bluetooth
  • cupsys - printer service
  • SaMBa Server for MS networking

Great EULA - blog?

md5sums: recommends digestIT

dmrc issue

start off with this error:

User's $HOME/.dmrc file is being ignored, preventing default session and language from being saved. File should be owned by user and have 644 permissions. User's $HOME directory must be owned by user and not writable by other users.

and then get "Your session only lasted less than 10 seconds..."

I tried the failsafe options, but no luck

the details for the second message are:

/etc/gdm/Xsession: Beginning session setup...
Can't save user-dirs.dirs
Unable to create /home/USERNAME/.dbus/session.bus


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