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Template talk:Category redirect

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For a fuller & more up-to-date discussion (including a "Bot FAQ"), see Wikipedia:Template:Category redirect.

Note: In general, if you think that a category needs redirecting then likely it should be renamed or merged instead. You can list a category for renaming or merging at Categories for Deletion.

What this template is for[edit]

This template is used to create soft redirects from empty, poorly-named categories, or categories where AE/IE spelling differences may cause confusion, to active categories. This should only be done in rare circumstances, as MediaWiki developers are currently working on a software solution.

Sample usage[edit]

To redirect from Category:Toads to Category:Frogs, simply add the following to Category:Toads:

{{category redirect|Frogs}}


  • Q: Why not just use a regular redirect?
    A: That is the ideal solution. However, the MediaWiki software currently has issues with categories and redirects:
    • #REDIRECT [[Category:Whatever]] does do the redirect, but the original category is listed as a subcategory of Whatever.
    • #REDIRECT [[en:Category:Whatever]] works, too, with the same problem as above. Also, this (technically) transwiki redirect fails to send the "redirected from <wherever>" message, which is needed for maintenance.
    • #REDIRECT [[:Category:Whatever]] doesn't work at all.
      • Actually, it seems to work now (at least on the Dutch wiki). I guess the bug is fixed. – gpvos (talk) 10:18, 2 October 2005 (UTC)
      • it seems to work in English wiki also, but of course the "old" catagory can still "collect" new members - j-beda 17:34, 16 May 2006 (UTC)
    • #REDIRECT [{{SERVER}}{{localurl:Category:Whatever}}] doesn't work either (and even if it did, it would be a terrible hack).
  • Q: Isn't that creating more work for ourselves?
    A: A little bit, yes. However, many Wikipedians have tried and failed to get category redirects to work, only to realize that it's a shortcoming of the MediaWiki system. Giving them a solution — even if it is a short-term solution — will waste less time in the near future. Also note that the NekoDaemon bot automatically moves articles in redirected categories to their proper category, so when you change the name of a category, you don't have to go through fixing it in every article.
  • Q: If Category A redirects to Category B and User C puts Article D into Category A, then Article D won't show up on Category B like it should!
    A: This is an issue being solved by the MediaWiki development team, and it may account for the fact that category redirects do not work yet. As a result, category redirects are to be used lightly for the time being.