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Use this template to create a link to a useful Wikipedia page, while displaying just a compact superscripted "W" as the link text. This is often useful to include alongside a link to a weak or nonexistent (red linked) Appropedia page, while also giving a link to a useful Wikipedia page.

Use this template to link text to Wikipedia (in a more elegant way than using the wikipedia: interwiki link prefix).

It works in a similar way to a piped wikilink, but is placed after the text. The main word where the link is placed may be wikilinked (to an Appropedia page) if appropriate.

If there's no expectation that an Appropedia page should be created in the near future, the first wikilink is not necessary, as with "Jock Brandis" below.

Type this To get this
Jock Brandis{{w|Jock Brandis}} developed the [[Malian peanut sheller]].{{w|Malian peanut sheller}} Jock BrandisW developed the Malian peanut sheller.W

Note: an alternative is to place the Wikipedia link in an "Interwiki link" section" near the bottom of the article.

See also[edit]

  • Interwiki map
  • {{Tlw}} - a version of this template specifically for linking to Template: pages on Wikipedia

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